by Brigita Potocki

  • Brigita Potocki

Age is nothing but a number

There is this notion that once you're 40 you don't get to wear fun clothes anymore. If I remember back in the days, when my mom was 40, I actually thought that she is old. And I have a feeling that my 11-year old son thinks that about me, too, but I don't mind… Because as far as I'm concerned I don't feel old and I definitely don't feel like I have to DRESS like I'm 40. When I think about the style that I like and trying to have, I think about Carrie from Sex And The City. This is me: style wise and mental wise. The only difference is that I'm married and I have a son, and no lover on the side (honestly!). So, if I think again, I may be more a mixture of Rachel Zoe and Gwen Stefani… Because, luckily I don't have to wear corporate clothes, since I have my own business in fashion and another great job on the radio. That way I can wear what ever I want all the time...

So, this time I dug out my old pair of Maison Scotch baggy pants, that are two sizes too big, but I like them so much, that I really can't ger rid of them (yet). I paired them with this georgeous Stefanel fur jacket (that I bought two seasons ago, but really started to appreciate it and actually wearing it this season) and fringe high heeled booties to make that tomboyish look a little bit more polished and sophisticated (age appropriate, if you want). All I needed to add, was a big smile and that #idontgiveadamn attitude.

I really wish and hope that you, ladies, can afford similar #ageisnothingbutanumber look every once in a while, because on too many occasions I see women my age or even younger, that really look like their youth is something from the past that is long time forgotten. So just remember: your age is your weapon, and you shouldn't be a slave of those numbers …Stay beautiful and true to yourself.

I'm wearing: STEFANEL fur coat, MAISON SCOTCH pants, JEREMY HO booties, ZARA sweater, MASSIMO DUTTI blouse, LV bag

#lv #maisonscotch #baggy #jeremyho #fringe #fur #stefanel #zara #massimodutti


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