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Two extremely important factors that we often overlook when we get caught between shelves and racks of clothes in a store are what type of figure we have and what our colors are. Both are important in the end result that we all want, namely that we look good in the clothes we wear and, above all, that we feel good in them.


Colors are extremely important for our existence from a psychological point of view and in fact they affect just about every moment of our day. Color is light, and light is energy. When light penetrates our eyes, it is transformed into electrical impulses that travel through our brains - through exactly that part that processes our emotions. It has been scientifically proven that every color, every shade and every tone has a specific psychological effect.


Our eyes distinguish as many as 16 million different colors and shades and each of them affects us if we are aware of it or not? Think of how the sun’s rays fill us with happiness and positive energy, how green forests give us a sense of peace and serenity, and how when the sky is cloudy and gray, we would rather stay under a blanket.

All of these are our subconscious and conscious reactions to color.

Our mood is similarly affected by the color combinations of the clothes we wear. If we combine the wrong colors together, we will be in disagreement with ourselves all the time.


If you would like to know which color type you are and which color palette is in tune with your character, click on the link below, complete the questionnaire, and follow the further instructions.


Knowing our own body is a condition for feeling good in our skin. And a prerequisite for choosing the right clothes to show the world who we are. If you happen to be lost in a clothing store, you don’t know how to choose clothes that would suit you, to bring clothes from the store that you’re not happy with and need to return, or worse, that hangs in your closet, don’t to wear it or to buy clothes you prefer to avoid is because you don’t know your physique. You can change this by analyzing your physique.


For additional information, write to


Price list:

Color palette: 19 EUR + VAT *

Lineup analysis: 25 EUR + VAT

Package analysis package + color palette: 40 EUR + VAT


* As part of the arrangement of the cabinet , the color palette is free.


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