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MJZ Fashion

Do you have a whole bunch of pieces in your closet that you bought because you liked them, but now you feel like you can’t combine them in any way? I can help you. I come to your home, inspect the clothes you have in the closet, pieces that don’t seem to fit anything, pick them out or find their purpose, and you’re ready for the new season!

Arranging your wardrobe takes up to 5 hours. During this time, I eliminate pieces that are no longer useful (and donate them to charities at your request), and sort the rest by color and purpose. I am also putting together some basic combinations that will be your guideline for putting together new ones or will be at hand when you are in a hurry in the morning.

Professional wardrobe arrangement is not only a good investment in terms of saving money, but also saves you time in the long run.

Price list:

150 eur / 5 hours

Wardrobe arrangement package (5 hours) + personal shopping (10 hours) / 250 eur


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